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The rendition of ‘Dick Whittington’ performed at Nottingham Theatre Royal is full of laughter, immaculate props and unique costume designs. As the show begins you are immediately thrown into the world of pantomime intertwined with amazing talent from all actors with singing, dancing and acting all executed to a high standard. 

Iain Stuart Robertson’s performance of the notorious Dame, a character who is essential in the world of panto, sprinkled humour and delight all the way through the show.  His voice was projected beautifully it filled up the whole hall whilst singing and dancing to joyous choreography. His role being Alice’s mother, Alice being the heroine of this pantomime. Alice, played by Emily Beth Harrington, has amazing vocals and a heavenly voice that emphasised how magical the show was. 

Shane Richie and Dr Ranj were the famous guests who brightened the stage. Dr Ranj played ‘The Spirit of Bow Bells’ who uplifted the audience. His shining costume and glittery makeup reflected his presence when he was on stage. He brought a smile to everyone’s face and provided an element of magic to the show. Shane Richie played the role of ‘ Dick Wittington’ his charisma and charm had everyone in the audience captivated. His use of breaking the fourth wall whilst mocking other characters on stage left you roaring with laughter. Some of the jokes he made were targeted to an older generation of audience members however there were both children and adults could laugh together at. 

The props used in this show were phenomenal. The use of the big red bus that Dick drives in the second act had as all holding our breath and staring in awe. A life size bus came out behind the curtain and elevated into the air over the first few rows of people. This was excellently designed as it created the allusion that the bus was flying brining back the mystic atmosphere this play had. The ensemble had beautifully designed costumes with extravagant detailing.

Throughout the Acts, the characters play jokes and tricks on each other as well as the audience. This pantomime was definitely more focused on the comedic element rather than the plot of Dick Wittington as the storyline was often disrupted in both acts which did make it hard to follow and was not true to the original tale of ‘Dick Wittington and His Cat’. However, the audience was still engaged throughout because each character was creating a myriad of laughter and magical performing. 

To conclude, Nottingham’s ‘Dick Wittington’ is a creative masterpiece where no one in the audience left without a smile on their face. Despite the lack of a plot line, the show was very uplifting and well choreographed. 

Dick Whittington plays at the Nottingham Theatre Royal until Sunday 14th January 2024.

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  1. Tom Elgood avatar

    Went to see this tonight with my daugter (aged almost 4). We loved it – I hadn’t been to a panto since I was closer to her age and my expectations were low. However, this was really well done, they didn’t try to run a complex story (as everyone has seen these before) but instead focussed on delivering a good time and just having fun. Some very clever work done with the 4th wall breaks and you have to say, Shane Ritchie, what a performer, from the moment he came on stage, he won the crowd and was like some sort of throw back to the great stage comedians brought to the current generation in an era of social media and limited attention spans. I’d sincerely recommend you go to this show, they hit all the right notes across the board and my daughter was in genuine awe as we walked out – she laughed, sang, danced, screamed and clapped throughout. Thank you for a great night :))))

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