The Wind in the Willows – Garrick Theatre – Lichfield


“The Wind in the Willows” at Lichfield Garrick is a truly enchanting and heartwarming community musical that brings the timeless tale of Kenneth Grahame’s classic novel to life. Set during a long summer, the production celebrates the joys of nature, the power of friendship, unwavering loyalty, and the thrill of daring adventures.

The cast’s performances are nothing short of outstanding, with each actor effortlessly embodying their respective characters. Holly Rice’s portrayal of the flamboyant and mischievous Mr. Toad steals the show, as she brings an infectious energy and charisma to the stage. From Toad’s carefree antics to his humbling experiences, Rice captures every facet of this beloved character with impressive depth and flair.

Bethan Parri’s tender portrayal of the endearing Mole evokes empathy from the audience as we witness her journey of self-discovery and bravery. Genevieve Richards shines as Ratty, exuding a sense of wisdom and maturity that grounds the group of friends. Together, their chemistry is palpable, and they form an endearing trio that captures the heart of the story.

Jayne Ison’s commanding presence as Chief Weasel and Ashley Laight’s formidable portrayal of Weasel 1 add a layer of complexity to the story. Their villainous performances are captivating, and they seamlessly blend menace with a touch of dark humor, making them a formidable nemesis for the protagonists.

Photo credit: Matthew Cawrey

The supporting cast, comprising a mix of seasoned performers and young talents from primary schools, brings a vibrant energy to the production. Their commitment and enthusiasm are infectious, adding a youthful charm to the musical numbers. The harmonious blend of voices in the mouse choir, backed by the skilled five-piece band, elevates the musical experience, making each song a memorable delight.

The stage design by Evie Frosdick is nothing short of remarkable, effortlessly transporting the audience to various settings, from the lush forest to the peaceful riverbank and the enchanting snowy woodland. The clever use of Tom Breakwell’s lighting design enhances the visual appeal, perfectly capturing the ambiance of each scene.

The attention to detail in the costumes and makeup adds an extra layer of authenticity to the characters, making them come alive on stage. The transformation of each actor into their respective animal personas is a testament to the creative vision behind the production.

The music composed by Joel Hall, along with Rob Murray’s musical direction, infuses the show with a lively and upbeat feel, complementing the whimsical nature of the story. The choreography further enhances the performance, beautifully bringing the characters’ emotions and adventures to life through captivating movements.

Photo credit: Matthew Cawrey

Throughout the entire performance, the dedication and passion of the entire troupe shine through, creating a sense of camaraderie and joy that resonates with the audience. The palpable chemistry among the cast and crew fosters a strong sense of unity, adding to the heartwarming experience for everyone involved.

In conclusion, “The Wind in the Willows” at Lichfield Garrick is a magical journey filled with laughter, joy, and heart. The captivating performances, impressive set design, delightful music, and genuine camaraderie of the cast make it a must-see family musical that will leave audiences of all ages with a lasting sense of wonder and nostalgia. Don’t miss this extraordinary production that embodies the spirit of adventure, friendship, and the timeless appeal of a classic tale.






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